Life-Changing Jackpots across a range of Sports, including Football, Horse Racing and More!

What is QuinnPools?

QuinnPools offers Life-Changing Jackpots across a range of Sports, including Football, Horse Racing, Tennis and Basketball.

Players contribute a fixed amount into a Pool and then make a selection on an outcome or series of outcomes.

The pool is then divided among those that have made the correct selection.

Why QuinnPools?

We have Guaranteed Jackpot Prizes available to winners regardless of the total amount of player contributions into the pools.

We have Consolation Prizes for those who closely miss winning the Big Jackpot prizes.

We provide Cash Out in all our Pools allowing players to sell all or part of their tickets and lock in a profit regardless of the outcome in the remaining legs in the pool.

What Type of Pool Bets can I place? How do I win?

We offer the following pool types:

Horse Racing

· Win - Pick the winner of each of the races listed in a pool.

· Place - Pick a horse(s) to be placed in each of the races listed in the pool.

· Finishing Order - Pick the exact finishing order for each of the positions required.

Football and Other Sports

· 1x2 – Predict the outcome of a series of matches.

· Correct Score – Predict the correct score for a series of matches.

· Asian Handicap – Predict the outcome for a series of matches given a specified match handicap.

· Over/Under – Predict whether the combined score of the two competing teams in a match will be over or under a specified number.

· Both Teams to Score (BTTS) – Predict if both teams will score at least one goal in the match or not.

· Point Margin – Predict the margin by which one team will beat the other by.

How to Use QuinnPools? How do I place a bet?

It’s Simple! You can bet at any time after a pool is loaded on the site up until the scheduled kick-off of the first match (leg) in the pool.

Click on the pool you want to enter to navigate to the main pool page, where you will see the coupon and betslip for that pool.

On the coupon, make at least one selection in each leg. Each set of selections is known as a ‘line’. You can make multiple selections per leg but this will increase the cost of your ticket in proportion to the number of lines chosen. On the betslip, choose your stake per line.

For example, in a 1x2 Pick 5 pool, a £2 stake per line plays for £5,000, a £0.50 stake per line plays for £1,250 and a £0.20 stake per line plays for £500.

Tip: Click on the stake options and watch how the jackpot prize changes in the headline.

Smart Pick: Need some help with your selections? Use our Smart Pick feature to auto-populate a ticket with a set of probable selections.

When you are ready to submit your ticket, log in (or register if you don’t already have an account) and click the “Play Now” button.

Tip: You can check the final cost and number of lines in your ticket on the “Play now” button before proceeding.


How do I track the progress of my tickets?

First, make sure you are logged in. Then click on the ‘My tickets’ tab to access all your tickets. All pools that are in progress have a “History” and a “Leg-by-leg results” table. The Leg-by-leg results table displays all ‘live’ units in each remaining leg in the pool.

How does CASH OUT work?

At certain times, QuinnPools will make an offer to buy a ticket that is still eligible to win a prize (Jackpot or Consolation). These offers are typically made between the end of one match in a pool and the start of the next match. In some instances, there may also be Cash Out offers made at half times or breaks in play. QuinnPools allows players to sell parts of their tickets in 10% portions, enabling you to cash out part of your ticket whilst still retaining a chance of winning the main jackpot prize. Log in regularly to your account while the pool is in progress and check for Cash Out offers under “My tickets”.

How Much will I Win if I get all selections correct on my ticket?

You will win (or share in the case of multiple winners) the jackpot amount for that pool. You can remind yourself of the amount you are playing for by looking at your ticket under “My tickets”.

What is my consolation prize?

If you narrowly miss picking every winner in one of our pools, you will win (or share in the case of multiple winners), the relevant consolation prize listed in the pool header. Please note that not all pools offer consolation prizes.

What happens if nobody wins the Jackpot?

If a pool is not won, then the stakes contributed into that pool will carry forward into a future equivalent pool (and so on indefinitely until the pool is won).

Try Entering a QuinnPool Syndicate!

QuinnPools Syndicates is a ‘crowdbetting’ solution for sports pools. You can crowdfund tickets into QuinnPools, either by backing existing tickets or becoming a ‘Captain’ and creating tickets yourself. QuinnPools handles all the setup, funding and payout administration so players only have to worry about placing their bets.

How can I join a QuinnPools Syndicate?

You can join a Syndicate by navigating to the ‘Syndicates’ tab and browsing the list of available Syndicates. Click on a Syndicate to view the ticket selections. You can contribute using either one of the suggested bet amounts or the free form box to type in your own contribution. You can join Syndicates from as little as £0.20.

How do I create my own QuinnPools Syndicate?

Before you can create a Syndicate, you need to create a Captain profile. Click on the ‘Create’ button and add a Captain name and avatar image.

Tip: Your Captain name needs to be different than your account username.

The next time you click on the ‘Create’ tab you will be taken to the list of open pools where you can select which pool to create a Syndicate ticket for. You can then make your selections, choose the stake per line as when playing solo and click “Continue”. The final step is to add your contribution to the Syndicate, which must be between 10% and 50% of the overall ticket cost.

Tip: You can top up your initial contribution any time while the Syndicate ticket is still available to fund but you can never exceed a total of 50% of the overall ticket cost.


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